There will be an Information Session for a 3 Month Weight Loss Program I have just completed designing at The Independent Trainer’s Place at 177 E 87th St fifth floor in Manhattan on March 28th from 3:30-4:30

I have designed this program with YOU in mind. It is not for people who are into self-flagellation. It IS easy to follow and you will easily lose the 10 pounds by the end of the 12 week program. You do not need to go to the information session to join us. I will post the steps we are taking and send daily motivations and affirmations for you on this blog. The program will begin March 29th.

 The meeting will be less than an hour and it will include what to expect and price. If you decide to commit we will go over your 1st week detox plan, hand out your tracking notebooks, plan your workouts, and we will take weight and measurements so you know where you started from. Keep in mind that the detox plan is non-invasive and is NOT a fast!
Also, for a week before the meeting, I ask that you keep a food journal. Just to build awareness for you of your habits. Please bring to the meeting. I will email you the food journal pages separately once you let me know you are interested.
I encourage you ONLY to weigh yourself ONCE PER WEEK!!!
Measurements and body fat analysis are the best ways to track losing inches. Muscle weighs more than fat, and staring at a scale everyday can frustrate you when you don’t see it move. Pay more attention to how you are feeling in your clothes.
The goal we are aiming for (TEN POUNDS) is extremely accessible if you stick with the program and are honest with yourSelf. You may very well lose more weight than that. We will have contracts for you to sign where you will commit to yourSelf and promise not to be mean to you if you slip up. Let’s make this fun!!!