Day 25


Was today Friday? I think today was Friday. Where did it go? It’s 1:30am and that crazy kid finally just fell asleep. He is a (wonderful!) piece of work! Anyway, here is what I ate


Breakfast: Oatmeal, blueberries, banana, cinnamon, home made granola. Coffee w 1% milk


Lunch: Burrito with chicken, corn, pepper, refried beans, black beans, salsa and cheese


Snack: celery with organic peanut butter


Dinner: Tuna casserole, broccoli


Snack: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans


And for my workout:




Warm up with 30 alternating lunges


1-Reverse lunge right leg back, right hand touches the floor- 20x

Repeat on the left


2-Side lunge opposite hand to foot 20x each side


3-One arm Row w 15 lbs 15x right and then left


4-Run down & up stairs


Repeat 1-4


5-Rear Delt Flies- 12x with 10lbs


6-Bicep curls- 12x both arms at the same time, balancing on one leg


Repeat 5-6 (other leg for bi curls)


7- Rear Delt Flies with 5lbs 20x


8- 1 leg deadlift with overhead press 10x each leg 10lbs


9-Jump Rope – 55 reps in 35 seconds


10- Jumping Jacks no arms- 30x


11- Side kick into a squat- 20x each side


12- Donkey Kicks- 40x each leg


13- Fire Hydrants- 30x each leg


14- Plank 10 seconds, Side Plank 10 seconds, Plank 10 seconds, Side Plank 10 seconds, Plank 10 seconds


15- On your back press up to a bridge- one leg up- lower hips to floor then press back up 20x each side.


16- Reverse Plank 1 minute


17-On back Both legs up: Alternate scissor legs down and back up for abs- 30x


18-In same position- reverse crunch (lift your hips) 30x


19- Stretch (I did the first 10 minutes of my mirlates class here, but do what works for you)



What I did today that moved me forward: 1- I resisted the urge to have seconds on lunch and dinner. I REALLY wanted more! 2- I thought about chocolate today, and realized I haven’t had any in about 2 weeks. As soon as I took my focus off the chocolate, I stopped sneaking it in. 3- I have made my workouts more challenging and they feel like they are making more of a difference. And I have NO idea how it’s been 25 days and I still haven’t missed even ONE workout!


What I did today that held me back: The burrito and the tuna casserole were both super dense calorie packed goodies, with not nearly enough nutritional value to make it worth it. I think if I’m going to eat that stuff, it should be limited to one or two per week. Twice in one day does NOT do a body good. The issue is that those are the only 2 things in the fridge besides that chicken/eggplant parmesan thing my mil makes. So, once again, I ate it because it was here. I’ve got to get a car.  Also, I would’ve liked to get more veggies in today.


Dying to know how you are doing!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski