So then what’s the Bad News? Well, I don’t see it as ‘bad news’, per se, but you might. Here it is:

There are no quick fixes.

That’s right. There aren’t any. It’s all a process, a journey. The trick is to set goals and enjoy the journey.

I meet a lot of people who are interested in how fast they can lose weight, build muscle tone, and variations of those two.  If they don’t see results in the first month, they are sure they are wasting their time and they get frustrated and often quit. This goes for my clients, gym members who join in January, anyone who is starting a new program. They quit after one month because they don’t see results. This is true for most people

Guess what, it takes approximately THREE MONTHS to begin to see results!

Here’s what I tell my clients as far as my services go:

In 10 sessions you will start to feel a change.

In 20 sessions you will start to SEE a change.

In 30 sessions you are in a good healthy place where you can begin to play around with smaller term goals to keep the longer term goal of staying fit and healthy.                                                                                 Examples of shorter term goals would be thinner thighs, firmer butt, 6-pack abs, sculpted arms, etc.

This is based on 2 workouts per week. 

I had a client recently whose spine was curving forward and as a result couldn’t stand up straight.  He couldn’t balance at all and to look forward he had to crane his neck. So I went to work on lengthening the spine and pulling the shoulder blades back, opening the chest. If you try to build your strength on an unstable spine, you are going to make the situation worse. You need your spine to be strong and healthy, and that is your foundation for all other movement. This particular client got frustrated and quit after 6 sessions- which he had spread out over 6 months. Would you have expected results with such a schedule? You may answer of course not, but in the situation you might have surprised yourself.  Point is, to get him to a healthier spine so that we could begin to work on building strength, balance and stamina, we needed 20 sessions, 2 sessions a week.

And the Good News is… You CAN change your body! You CAN change the status of your health! You just need to be realistic about your goals. Set a time frame and stick with your program. We are always here to help you with advice and programs to get you on your way!

To Your Excellent Health,

Your Fitness Coach

Miranda Zukowski