I’m 66 but because Miranda’s been my trainer for 5 years I look and feel 36. Well, I don’t exactly look 36. My face doesn’t lie, and neither do I (except to the IRS). But no more back aches and I’m in far better shape than when I began. I have the stamina and strength of a 36-year old and muscles to prove it. My grandkids, 15 and 17, like to have push-up competitions with me even though I ALWAYS win. And my form is better than theirs. Once Miranda even said I did something better than she could. “Of course”, I said, “my trainer is better than yours.” All of this is thanks to Miranda. She encourages me, she pushes me and she inspires me. She’s already been told that whatever she does with her life, one thing is certain: she’s my trainer FOREVER!

Roberta Hufnagel, psychotherapist

Miranda has been a great friend of mine for 11 years, and ever since I met her, she has been a source of encouragement in my life. She consistently motivates me to believe in myself and reach towards my goals and dreams. I admire her ability to create a plan of action to accomplish goals in her own life, and her determination to follow through with the plan to attain those goals. In the fitness arena, she began encouraging me to workout in Tallahassee where we met. Since then I have had many opportunities to feel the beneFITs of her training and enjoy traveling with her. We’ve done weight training in New York City, “Boot-camp” on Miami’s South Beach, IntenSati in Hawaii and hiking, kayaking and all night dance therapy everywhere in between. Every time we travel together it’s an adventure in fitness (and life). I would go to the ends of the earth with Miranda and come back with a TERIFFIC story, and rock hard abs and legs. After 11 years, I look forward to the next step of our journey.

by Danielle Bouloy; Actress, Choreographer, and FitVenture Guide;) Port St Lucie, Florida

I have been working out with Miranda since before the turn of the century! She has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle with weight lifting, pilates, and yoga, both in the gym and in the great outdoors. Miranda is very knowledgeable in many areas of physical fitness and knows how to work with people of all ages, levels, and abilities. At the end of every workout, I feel strong and positive about myself. I am very fortunate to work out with a real professional!

Marilyn Rotter- Fitness Enthusiast and Creator of Wonderful Ideas

Miranda is a wonderful Personal Trainer who will push you when you need to be pushed, but also loving and kind enough to understand you and to give you strength and courage as well as the understanding to be kind to yourself. She is always kind and generous to her clients as well. You will enjoy her group classes too, because she is a great instructor and has the passion and smarts to convey what she needs from you and allows you to go at your own speed if need be. I always appreciate the fact that she is “hands on” and will walk amongst her clients and give a gentle pat of enthusiasm or a gentle touch to get your body into the proper position. If you don’t like it, she will respect that too but I always appreciate it when I feel that I’m getting a little extra personal attention. She’s also beautiful – on the outside as well as the inside!

Cornelia Marthon
Legal Assistance Clerk
Fort Hamilton Legal Office

I started working out with Miranda over 5 years ago 1 to 2 days a week. I enjoyed it so much I now exercise with Miranda 3 – 4 days a week. The greatest thing I have to say is I do not get bored! Since Miranda is certified not only as a personal trainer, but in a variety of exercise formats… yoga, pilates, and intensati- she varies each workout. I love the fact that Miranda is willing and encourages me to work out outside. I find after a full day in the office it is so easy to go home and want to crash, or have a easy class. Miranda encourages me to get up and go outside, the fresh air rejuvenates me and I work much harder and I feel so much more refreshed by the end of the session. I find that I end up with a new burst of energy for my family!

Ivy Rachlin

I have been taking Pilates with Miranda for over 2 years now and not only do I LOVE taking her class, but I actually look forward to it every week. I never thought I could look forward to anything relating to working out! She loves to try new things and gives you the opportunity to do so as well. By incorporating new things she learns it also keeps her classes interesting and new. Her Pilates classes make me feel stronger, toned and more flexible and has changed my body (now I just have to lose the extra pounds covering those long, lean muscles!) Miranda is not only the BEST instructor, but a great friend who is encouraging, motivating and looks to help her clients achieve their goals how ever possible.

Jara Feinblatt


I started taking Pilates with Miranda approximately two years ago. I was running a lot and was looking for some added flexibility and core strengthening. Pilates with Miranda has not only helped me achieve these goals, but has given me the overall feeling of a healthier body and mind. Miranda is a great instructor who always makes class challenging and fun.”

Howard Feinblatt

I’ve been working with Miranda forabout ayear. I havegrown aninch, have eliminated all back pain from my life and have never felt better! For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to working out. She’s terrific!

Lori Bores

I’ve been taking Miranda’s Pilates class for over a year now and was quite surprised to find out the difference it made on my body in a rather short amount of time. I lost 35 pounds during the first 7 months and liked the class so much that I’m still in it. I trained with Miranda for several years prior to joining her Pilates class so I already had a pretty good idea what I was in for. She is incredibly knowledgeable, energetic, encouraging and she’s good at pushing you past where you think you can go. I can now reach my toes with ease! Miranda is terrific!

Rory Kotin

I have been working with Miranda for about 10 years. When I first met her, I had never been inside a gym, let alone thought of exercising with a trainer. I was not young then and certainly am not now. But, thanks to Miranda, I feel younger and healthier than ever and know that exercising has added a lot to the quality of my daily life.

Miranda’s personality and enthusiasm have been the basis for my dedication to making my body (as well as my mind) stronger. She has been a very positive addition to my life.

Judith Ginsburg

“Miranda Zukowski is such a life force!!! Be prepared to have your mind, body and soul rocked. My husband and I live overseas, and we love having Miranda give us a training session when we visit New York. My husband Phillip is in the Navy and is quite used to rigorous PT. After a session with Miranda, I believe his exact words were, “She kicked my ass!” He and I implemented many of the exercises she taught us into our weekly workouts and are enjoying the benefits of leaner, stronger muscles as a result. Miranda is also a joy to around. She loves what she does and she brings enthusiasm to every activity. I’ve learned that staying fit can actually be fun! She has taught me to have confidence in my abilities and go for my goals. Thank you, MirZuk, for all you do and all you are.”

Jennifer Knight Rogerson
Oahu, Hawaii