Did you try it? How did it go? I had an amazing opportunity come my way and I believe it was in part due to my Week of No Complaining. There were a few challenges in the week for me. Typical things came up that I would typically moan and groan about. An important package that I paid extra to have delivered didn’t arrive on time. Instead of getting angry about something I couldn’t control, I just let it go- focused on an opportunity- and moved forward. I was proactive about the order. I contacted the company and asked for my money back, which they have denied me. I am just letting that go as well and will not make the mistake of ordering something with 3 day delivery again (fyi- on a side note- it was explained to me that ‘3 day delivery’ is really 5 day delivery and that I should have known that- it’s right in the faq section. So you won’t make the same mistake 🙂  ). Lesson learned, moving on…
I think there was one other challenge, but you know I’ve already forgotten what it was.
I did not complain out loud all week. Not once. In my thoughts I would start on that journey, as mentioned above, but would counter the complaining thought with a more useful thought that I had on standby for just such an occasion.
As a result of this, I ended my week with an unbelievable opportunity that has sped up the manifestation of one of my goals.
According to the law of attraction, what you focus on in your life, you get more of. Thus, when you complain, you are putting energy into that thing you are complaining about and will receive more of that in your life.  
I think I like this ‘No Complaining’ regime and am going to stick with it. If you didn’t try it last week, I invite you to try it this week. If you can achieve a result like I did, it is definitely worth your attention. It’s ONLY SEVEN DAYS!! Go ahead and try it! Keep me posted.