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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul – WEEK 2 : BODY

We’re up to WEEK TWO of our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul free series. Last week we cleaned up our diet. I gave 6 simple, yet very effective, suggestions. If you missed last week and want to catch up CLICK HERE for the article.   This week we are addressing your BODY, orContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul- WEEK 1: DIET

It’s SPRING time! Depending on where you are, it might not look like it yet, but the stars and planets are aligned and say that it is so. Here in New Jersey, it’s starting to get warmer and we are able to breathe more deeply and shed some layers. The first few breaths of SpringContinue Reading

The First Step to Weight Loss

Weight loss is annoying. I’ll just say it. It’s annoying. It sort of looms over your head like “pay attention to me!” but the more you pay attention to it, the more annoying it is and that makes you want to eat things that make you feel bad about yourself. Can you relate to this?Continue Reading

Let’s make sure you’re not doing THIS

I’ve been chatting with many of the people in my community lately, and I’m recognizing a common theme. I’m going to share this with you today because I want to make sure you get this key concept before you unwittingly throw yourself off the path you want to be on. I can’t even tell youContinue Reading

How to Get Through the Rest of the Holiday Season WITHOUT Gaining Weight

We are coming to the end of the Holiday Season! There are parties, and holidays and all kinds of yummy treats calling your name. And you KNOW if you give in to them that they may taste really great, but that you’ll be wearing them on your hips and around your middle, most likely. (WhyContinue Reading

Weight Loss: An Extra Added Bonus?

Happy Halloween! This time of year brings up a LOT of weight issues for a LOT of women. There are all these holidays and parties and you just sort of feel helpless as you look out at the sea of endless food. It doesn’t have to be that way. Food is a good thing! YouContinue Reading

Can You Change Your Mind? Like… Literally?

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head? You just can’t stop singing it, even if you don’t even like the song. I sing ALL the songs from the kids stations  on pandora, and even hum the tunes that my son’s toys make. If this has happened to you, then you areContinue Reading

Time to Lose the Weight

So here I am again. Had another baby and that same 30 pounds that showed up in the first pregnancy has creeped back into my life. Not everyone who gets pregnant ends up with this much weight to lose. I’m one of those lucky people who gets incredibly nauseous in the first trimester and theContinue Reading

How I Got in Shape for Summer Last Year

  I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1997 and have always been lean and super fit. Getting pregnant changed some things up for me! I gained 30lbs more than the average pregnant person and it was crazy. I knew I’d have to put my own advice, experience and knowledge to the test. So afterContinue Reading

It’s time to get ready for SWIMSUITS! You ready for that? I’ve got some ideas…

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Some of us (like me) are still a little bit dubious up here in the Northeast as to whether this ‘Spring’ thing is really happening. We had such a, umm, WINTERY Winter, we just aren’t fully trusting that Spring is officially here. We are starting to feel that sunshiny warmth and itContinue Reading

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