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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul: Week 3- STRESS MANAGEMENT

We are up to the third week, out of 6, in our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul! This week we are focusing on Stress Management. There are a ton of ways to manage stress, but I’m going to narrow it down and give you just one suggestion, broken down into steps. The thingContinue Reading

How to Get Yourself to Workout Even When You Don’t Feel Like it!

Some of us feel like working out. Some of us don’t. Some of us fall somewhere between the two extremes, depending on the day. Where do you fit in? There are those unusual people who ALWAYS feel like working out no matter what! But most of us have those day where we just don’t feelContinue Reading

How to Get on Track with Your Fitness & Health Goals

Checking in today to see how you are doing with your New Years Resolutions? Today is Wednesday, January 22 and I’m wondering if you are still going strong or if you are feeling a little, well, off? Yes, I am a fitness coach, so I’m focusing mainly on fitness & health goals. But in allContinue Reading

Getting yourself to work out. Easy? Or not so much?

It’s February 11th and I’ve lost 10 pounds since I set out on my weight loss journey on January 1st! I have 20 pounds left to go. I plotted out little rewards for myself at every 10 pound mark. My reward for reaching this first 10 pound mark is a pair of ‘sexy’ shoes. YayContinue Reading

Want to Lose Weight? WHY exactly???

Yes, many people want to lose weight. But WHY do they want to lose weight? People get confused and mix up their means goals with their end goal. Meaning, they believe their goal is just to lose weight. But WHY??? Losing weight is the means goal. To what end?   There is always a reason,Continue Reading

How to get MOTIVATED!!!

Today I am motivated to write to you about MOTIVATION!!! A client recently informed me that she had identified herself as the main obstacle in getting what she wants (a fantastic first step!), but said she was stumped as to how to get herself to do anything about it? Basically, she asked me how toContinue Reading

When do you take a break from learning to implement your knowledge?

I flew out to Denver this past weekend for a conference on how to monetize your business and re-pattern your habits and energy so that you actually allow the money in. It was an intense 2 days in a room with no windows with fake light and fake air. I could listen to these peopleContinue Reading

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