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Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul- Week 6: SOUL

It’s time for our FINAL installment of our 6 week series “Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul”. This week is all about SOUL! There are many many ways that we could go about taking care of your soul, but I am going to give you a technique that will cover it all inContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul- Week 4: Environment

We are up to our 4th week in the Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind & Soul free series! This week is all about environment. Usually, when we think of Spring Cleaning, we think of our homes and our environments.  And while I’m an expert when it comes to cleaning up your healthy habits, I’ve gotContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul- WEEK 1: DIET

It’s SPRING time! Depending on where you are, it might not look like it yet, but the stars and planets are aligned and say that it is so. Here in New Jersey, it’s starting to get warmer and we are able to breathe more deeply and shed some layers. The first few breaths of SpringContinue Reading

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