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How to Get Your Workout FIX this Summer

I wanted to address this concern, because I’ve been hearing it from a lot of people. For one reason or another, many of us have schedule shifts during the summer months. It’s good, and it’s fun, but it messes with our workout routines. So then, how do you enjoy your summer without feeling guilty aboutContinue Reading

What is Stopping You From Taking Better Care of Yourself?

This is an important question. One of the most important questions of your life. So, I’m just going to put this out there… ask yourself this question out loud. Seriously. Have a little conversation with yourself. Ask the question “What is stopping me from taking better care of myself” out loud, and then listen forContinue Reading

How to Handle SETBACKS

Recently, someone in my community asked me “how do I handle setbacks?” I know it can be frustrating (and then some!), but the key to any kind of success is to dust yourself off, get back up, and keep on keeping on. Easier said than done, right? So, in this video, I’ve broken it downContinue Reading

4 shifts to simplify your ‘diet’

If you are trying to lose weight, but find yourself up against a dieting wall, then this post is for you. The tricks to dieting are actually simple. Annoyingly so. Don’t confuse simple  with easy! Simple and easy are not the same things at all. Any time you attempt to change your habits and patternsContinue Reading

What is Derailing you from your Fitness & Health Goals?

Have you ever really taken a close look at what is actually derailing you from your fitness and health goals? It can be kind of overwhelming, really. There are a LOT of things that can throw you sideways and leave you feeling out of control and like a total failure. My approach to this sortContinue Reading

Not getting things done because you’re ‘too tired’? Check this out…

Have you ever felt like  you just can’t muster enough energy to do the things you say you want to do? You know the ‘things’ of which I speak. Those ‘things’ that sound so simple and doable when you SAY them, but then when it’s time to move it and groove it, you’re ‘too tired’Continue Reading

The First Step to Weight Loss

Weight loss is annoying. I’ll just say it. It’s annoying. It sort of looms over your head like “pay attention to me!” but the more you pay attention to it, the more annoying it is and that makes you want to eat things that make you feel bad about yourself. Can you relate to this?Continue Reading

How to Get UNstuck

If you’ve ever felt like every time you attempt to begin a new exercise program, life seems to ‘happen’ immediately to throw you off track, then read on… I’ve had life happen, too, and wondered for a long time why I was able to keep up with my fitness and continue to eat healthy (mostContinue Reading

The first thing you need to do if you want to see results

I LOVE Fitness, FBU (Full Body Utilization), and the energy that is stirred up by moving your bod.  I have always had a desire to affect as many people in a positive way as possible and Fitness is the path through which I am able to do this. I believe it is our responsibility in lifeContinue Reading

Is TV keeping you from your goals?

I just want to make sure you’re in the right place. Do you often find yourself avoiding absolutely EVERYthing else (workouts included) in your life by defaulting to TV? Ok then, you’re in the right place.  You know, I didn’t watch ANY television (or, these days, it’s pretty much netflix for me) from January 2015Continue Reading

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