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Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul- Week 6: SOUL

It’s time for our FINAL installment of our 6 week series “Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul”. This week is all about SOUL! There are many many ways that we could go about taking care of your soul, but I am going to give you a technique that will cover it all inContinue Reading

Celebrating Life

Today, I am celebrating my Uncle, Robert Zukowski’s, life with my family in Massachusetts. Death does weird things to us. Emotions and feelings of loss come in huge crashing waves of realization, and then disbelief has to set in again to protect us from crumbling. But over time the waves get smaller and smaller asContinue Reading

Fitness Girl’s 40th Birthday!

It was a strange one. I’ve been planning for a year all the fun things I would do on my 40th Birthday. First, it was a trip to Europe. Then I switched it to a fun trip closer to home with some friends. THEN I switched it again to a fun day in NYC withContinue Reading

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