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4 shifts to simplify your ‘diet’

If you are trying to lose weight, but find yourself up against a dieting wall, then this post is for you. The tricks to dieting are actually simple. Annoyingly so. Don’t confuse simple  with easy! Simple and easy are not the same things at all. Any time you attempt to change your habits and patternsContinue Reading

How to Get Through the Rest of the Holiday Season WITHOUT Gaining Weight

We are coming to the end of the Holiday Season! There are parties, and holidays and all kinds of yummy treats calling your name. And you KNOW if you give in to them that they may taste really great, but that you’ll be wearing them on your hips and around your middle, most likely. (WhyContinue Reading

You asked for Nutritional Guidance, so I’ve got something for you!

I’ve brought you not one, but TWO nutrition experts! One is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, and the other is a Whole Foods Chef. These ladies are the real deal. AND, not only did I bring you two nutrition experts, but I’ve also brought you a Transformational Coach! This is the woman who will help youContinue Reading

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