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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul: Week 3- STRESS MANAGEMENT

We are up to the third week, out of 6, in our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul! This week we are focusing on Stress Management. There are a ton of ways to manage stress, but I’m going to narrow it down and give you just one suggestion, broken down into steps. The thingContinue Reading


Today I want you to put some safety’s in place. What I mean is, I want you to insure your own success with this. I want you to plan a reward. Not just one reward, but 2 or 3, as you see fit. Reward #1 is what you will give yourself for getting to goalContinue Reading

Lose Weight with Miranda- Day 22

Day 22   WooHoo!! Starting on the 4th week! The goal has been to lose 2lbs per week, a total of 6lbs. I am at 7! That leaves 1lb left to hit the goal of 8lbs for the month. Right on track!!!   I’ve been thinking about my diet, and I think it would beContinue Reading

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