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What is Derailing you from your Fitness & Health Goals?

Have you ever really taken a close look at what is actually derailing you from your fitness and health goals? It can be kind of overwhelming, really. There are a LOT of things that can throw you sideways and leave you feeling out of control and like a total failure. My approach to this sortContinue Reading

How to Get on Track with Your Fitness & Health Goals

Checking in today to see how you are doing with your New Years Resolutions? Today is Wednesday, January 22 and I’m wondering if you are still going strong or if you are feeling a little, well, off? Yes, I am a fitness coach, so I’m focusing mainly on fitness & health goals. But in allContinue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 60 FINAL DAY!!!

This is it!!! You made it to Day 60! Whether you are at 10 minutes or not, if you stuck with the program, you are AMAZING! No matter where you’re at, this is a BIG DEAL! And congratulations are in order. So congratulations to you! Today’s Plank Challenge is, of course, to execute a consecutiveContinue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 59

It’s Day 59!! Only ONE DAY LEFT! You are so close!! Today I want you to sit back and relax, sort of. 2 minute plank requirement. Then sit back and relax. And trust that all the work you’ve done over the last 59 days will bring you victoriously to day 60! I am so excitedContinue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 58

Day 58!! TWO DAYS LEFT! I just can’t believe we’ve almost completed 60 days of this plank challenge. If you’ve been sticking with it, even if you’re not close to the 10 minute goal, you have watched yourself improve and have impressed yourself. And THAT is what matters! Today’s task is to take that firstContinue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 57

I can’t believe we are almost DONE!! 3 more days! Today is a slow down day. I don’t want anyone burning out before day 60. We kicked butt hard for the past several weeks, so this last stretch gives us a bit more room to get it DONE! I can’t believe only 3 days left!Continue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 56

FOUR DAYS LEFT! It’s almost over! WooHOO!! Today’s minimum plank time is NINE MINUTES 30 SECONDS! That just seems so crazy. No matter where you are at with this- did you ever think you’d be able to do what you’re capable of doing? Be impressed with yourself. ============================= BASIC: 9 minutes 30 seconds OVERACHIEVER: Um,Continue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 55

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!!! Today we are going to slow it down a bit- sort of a rest day. Just 2 minutes. If you’re feeling like being overzealous and blowing it out, go for it! But I suggest slowing it down a bit today. Just 2 minutes. ======================================== BASIC: 2 minutes OVERACHIEVER: 2 minutes  Continue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 54

SIX DAYS LEFT! Let’s do a 10 minute split, and as usual- work to eliminate the last plank or take the time down. If you want to be REALLY crazy, go for 9 minutes 15 seconds for your first plank, and overshoot the 10 minutes by as much as you can with the second plank.Continue Reading

Plank Challenge – Day 53

WooHOO! SEVEN days left! By next week you will be DONE! Let’s get this 10 minute plank once and for all. Today, we are up to NINE minutes minimum in order to hit the 10 minute mark in 7 more days. A NINE minute plank is no joke! Come to think of it, a FIVEContinue Reading

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