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Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul- Week 6: SOUL

It’s time for our FINAL installment of our 6 week series “Spring Cleaning for your Body, Mind & Soul”. This week is all about SOUL! There are many many ways that we could go about taking care of your soul, but I am going to give you a technique that will cover it all inContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul: Week 3- STRESS MANAGEMENT

We are up to the third week, out of 6, in our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul! This week we are focusing on Stress Management. There are a ton of ways to manage stress, but I’m going to narrow it down and give you just one suggestion, broken down into steps. The thingContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul – WEEK 2 : BODY

We’re up to WEEK TWO of our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul free series. Last week we cleaned up our diet. I gave 6 simple, yet very effective, suggestions. If you missed last week and want to catch up CLICK HERE for the article.   This week we are addressing your BODY, orContinue Reading

The first thing you need to do if you want to see results

I LOVE Fitness, FBU (Full Body Utilization), and the energy that is stirred up by moving your bod.  I have always had a desire to affect as many people in a positive way as possible and Fitness is the path through which I am able to do this. I believe it is our responsibility in lifeContinue Reading

Complain much? Try this experiment…

I am going on a fast, of sorts… I am going to COMPLETELY eradicate complaining from my menu for an entire 7 days. I invite you to join me. When you complain, what ends up happening? You generally find more to complain about.   In other words, when you complain, you are putting your preciousContinue Reading

How to Get Yourself to Workout Even When You Don’t Feel Like it!

Some of us feel like working out. Some of us don’t. Some of us fall somewhere between the two extremes, depending on the day. Where do you fit in? There are those unusual people who ALWAYS feel like working out no matter what! But most of us have those day where we just don’t feelContinue Reading

Weight Loss: An Extra Added Bonus?

Happy Halloween! This time of year brings up a LOT of weight issues for a LOT of women. There are all these holidays and parties and you just sort of feel helpless as you look out at the sea of endless food. It doesn’t have to be that way. Food is a good thing! YouContinue Reading

Time to Lose the Weight

So here I am again. Had another baby and that same 30 pounds that showed up in the first pregnancy has creeped back into my life. Not everyone who gets pregnant ends up with this much weight to lose. I’m one of those lucky people who gets incredibly nauseous in the first trimester and theContinue Reading

How I Got in Shape for Summer Last Year

  I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1997 and have always been lean and super fit. Getting pregnant changed some things up for me! I gained 30lbs more than the average pregnant person and it was crazy. I knew I’d have to put my own advice, experience and knowledge to the test. So afterContinue Reading

Everything You Need to Know To Take On The SUGAR BUSTER Challenge!

I am kicking off a 30 Day SUGAR BUSTER CHALLENGE on Tuesday, April 1st! I’m going to tell you here everything you need to know to do this one all by yourself, AND give you an option if you’d like to do the Challenge with me!       STEP ONE: WHY? First, you mayContinue Reading

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