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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul – WEEK 2 : BODY

We’re up to WEEK TWO of our Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul free series. Last week we cleaned up our diet. I gave 6 simple, yet very effective, suggestions. If you missed last week and want to catch up CLICK HERE for the article.   This week we are addressing your BODY, orContinue Reading

Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul- WEEK 1: DIET

It’s SPRING time! Depending on where you are, it might not look like it yet, but the stars and planets are aligned and say that it is so. Here in New Jersey, it’s starting to get warmer and we are able to breathe more deeply and shed some layers. The first few breaths of SpringContinue Reading

You asked for Nutritional Guidance, so I’ve got something for you!

I’ve brought you not one, but TWO nutrition experts! One is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, and the other is a Whole Foods Chef. These ladies are the real deal. AND, not only did I bring you two nutrition experts, but I’ve also brought you a Transformational Coach! This is the woman who will help youContinue Reading

Weight Loss- A simple process? Or, not so much?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1997, and loving every minute of it. I’ve played many roles including group fitness instructor, personal trainer, pilates instructor, yoga instructor and now I put it all together under the category of fitness coach. For those of you who doContinue Reading

My Fatness

Hi there and happy day! It’s a gorgeous day in New Jersey and I had a great workout this morning at the Equinox in Summit where I am currently teaching classes. I ran into my manager while I was walking over to the elliptical machine and she said I looked great! I said “Thank youContinue Reading

Do a Kazillion Crunches- Get 6 Pack Abs?

Perhaps. But what good is that? Let me explain:   First of all, there is a much more effective system for acquiring 6 pack abs, if that is what you truly want.   Second of all, are you sure that’s what you want? The muscle that shows through you belly is a superficial muscle calledContinue Reading

Lose Weight with Miranda- Still Going?

  I have never had to lose weight before in my life, and now I have the fortunate and unique opportunity to try out my own system!  After the birth of my first child in November 2012, I found myself with an extra 30 pounds to lose after the first initial 6 weeks went by. TheContinue Reading

Lose Weight with Miranda- Day 30!!!!

Day 30!!!   You have completed the first 30 days of your commitment to losing weight and getting into shape! This is a HUGE mile marker!   First, let’s look at where you started and where you ended up…   I’ll use myself as an example. On day 1, these were my stats:   Weight:Continue Reading

Lose Weight with Miranda- Day 29

Day 29   There is only 1 more day left of this program,  and today was the last weigh-in for the 30 days. I have to say, I was disappointed with my results.  Today I weighed exactly what I weighed last week.   When I look at that a little more objectively, I see thatContinue Reading

Lose Weight with Miranda- Day 28

Day 28   Only 2 days left!! Now this working out thing has become a moral imperative. I’m so close to the 30 days, I must persevere!!   I know I’ve mentioned that I can really tell a difference in the last 28 days as far as my strength and stamina go. I have increasedContinue Reading

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