Day 58!! TWO DAYS LEFT! I just can’t believe we’ve almost completed 60 days of this plank challenge. If you’ve been sticking with it, even if you’re not close to the 10 minute goal, you have watched yourself improve and have impressed yourself. And THAT is what matters!

Today’s task is to take that first consistent plank to 9 minutes 45 seconds. Crazy! But you can do it! If you’re feeling really crazy after that, rest for one minute and then do another 2 minute plank. It’s overkill at this point, but go for it if you want. If you can do 9 mins 45 seconds, you can definitely do 10 minutes in 2 days. You’ve got this.


BASIC: 9 minutes 45 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: after doing 9 minutes 45 seconds, rest one minute and then do another 2 minute plank


If you’re not up for 9 minutes 45 seconds, please do a 10 minute split- making sure to either eliminate that last plank, or take the time of the last plank out by distributing it into earlier planks. Any questions? Just comment below


Your Fitness Coach,