Here we are on Day 4. Many of you are kicking butt beating your personal times every day.

I am also beginning to hear about a lot of aches and pains. Shoulders, wrists, knees, ribs, neck. No one has mentioned their back yet, but I’m sure that’s going on, too. It’s only day 4! What are we going to do?

First let me explain- when your core muscles are weak, other muscles kick in to help your body. So rather than the core muscles getting stronger, the other parts are stepping in and heading you towards pain and injury.

To counter this and move forward faster, here’s what I did today. It’s an example of the variation I’m going to give you for your daily installment.

My top time is 3:50. And I mean that is IT! I start to feel my back give in and that’s when I stop. My shoulders feel pretty pumped for about 5 minutes afterwards. So today, rather than topping that time- I cut 1:20 off and did my plank for 2:30. Then I stretched my wrists and waited for exactly 1:30 and popped up into another plank. This one I could only do for 2. So, collectively, I got 4:30. Of course that doesn’t count towards the 10 minute goal, but the point is to build up your strength, and this is one way to do it.


Here are your Daily Plankings:

BASIC: Hold your plank for 45 seconds, wait 45 seconds, and plank again for 45 more seconds.

OVERACHIEVER: What is your top score? Cut a minute or more off of your top time. Plank for that amount of time. Rest for 1:30 minutes. Then hop back up into your plank and try to repeat the same time from the first plank.


The wrist vid is not quite finished going through all of it’s techy journey- but it will be coming to you soon!


Happy Healthy!