Happy Sunday to all the Plankers out there! Who’s still sticking with it? You are building your DISCIPLINE muscle as well as your CORE muscles! And we all can appreciate how important both are in life. If you followed through with everything you began, can you imagine what life would be like? You’d probably be living the life of your dreams, if you’re not already. Most people do NOT follow through, and then wonder why life seems to be ‘happening’ to them instead of them taking charge. Discipline makes a big difference.

Today’s plank is going to be challenging following up after yesterday. But we are going to kick this goal in the butt! Today is a get to 10 minutes any way you can! Look at your stats from last time. Lower the time of the last plank, or dump it completely. Write down what you accomplish.


BASIC: 5 minutes 45 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: Get to 10 minutes any way you can. If you’ve been adding in side planks, work to eliminate them.


Have a great day!


Your Fitness Coach,