Today, let’s aim to beat your time! I beat my time by 15 seconds, and here’s what I did. I set the timer on my iphone and started my plank, and THEN I started pandora- so I had to wait for it to load and all that, and couldn’t look at what the timer was doing in the meantime. Then I just left it on pandora and started looking at an old photo album from 2007 when I went to Hawaii. I reminisced and got nostalgic. And then I figured a million minutes had gone by, so I looked at the timer and it had only been 3 minutes something. So I started reading this article about how to encourage people to ‘move’ vs ‘exercise’. It had some good points. That’s the kind of thing I like. And before I knew it I was up to 6:25, so I pushed to 7. Unbelievable! I wonder if all that shifting and turning pages and messing with the iphone is helping me out.


BASIC: In order to reach the 10 minute goal in the 60 day timeframe, you need to be able to do a solid 3 minutes 45 seconds today. If you’re not there, just do your absolute best! 60 days is nuts anyway 🙂

OVERACHIEVER: Beat your high time by at least 10 seconds


Enjoy the day!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski