Hello fellow plankers,

Spell check always wants to change ‘plankers’ to ‘plunkers’. I wonder what a plunker even is and why should it have space in the dictionary instead of planker?

Haha- anyway, today is a sort of ‘rest’ day. Just to keep the habit going, but to give you a little break. Around the board, we all need to do just 1 minute 30 seconds. I say ‘just’ but it is still quite an accomplishment to do a minute 30! So don’t knock it. But when we’re planking our brains out every day, 1:30 might not seem like much. It is still much.

I suggest doing the plank from your forearms to give wrists a break today.


BASIC: One minute 30 seconds

OVERACHIEVER: One minute 30 seconds

Forearms if you can. If you are not up to 1:30, then just split it up so that your combined planks hit 1:30



Happy Planking!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski