Today is a split ’em up day. Add 1 minute to your high time, and then split that number up 3x.

So, for example, my high time is 5:25, so I went for 6:30 (rounded up). The first plank I did for 2:30, then a 1 minute rest. Then a 2 minute plank and 1 minute rest, and then again a 2 minute plank and rest because I am DONE! (Totally did NOT feel like planking tonight, but a promise is a promise and there is nothing wrong with me, so I busted out these 3 planks and am glad that I did).


BASIC: A strong 2 minute plank

OVERACHIEVER: Add 1 minute to your high time and then split that time up into 3 planks.


Enjoy your Sunday!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski