Lego my Ego!

My Ego has been consistently whispering things to me over the past few days that have me all cranky and insecure. It occured to me today that this information doesn’t quite ring true. It’s wasting precious energy resources and is 100% dumb. I think it’s time to put it in check. Check!

The Ego waits until it sees a weak spot in your walls and then goes straight for it- repeatedly- no rest for the Ego!

Here’s my Weak Spot Ego Story:  I have been teaching classes at Equinox since September of 2009. It is now July 2010. I only have 3 classes on the schedule and have been trying to add some more. The other day I decided (my Ego decided) to do some useless research. I looked up this guy- very sweet nice looking guy. He is 10 years younger than me, started teaching at Equinox in April 2010 and he has about 9 classes on the schedule. ?!?!?!

Oooooh so jealous! He must be ‘better’ than me. ‘They’ must not like me. Hey! What’s WRONG with me?

(Ever been there???)

As soon as all that hit, a little voice mentioned the non-importance of it, but the Ego was louder, so the fact that this was crap settled into the back of my brain. My Ego was having too much fun making me feel inadequate.

Their are a few facts to consider if I want to discount the Ego. Go to the truth. The truth is that to build up your standing in a company like this, you need to be around the people in charge. That means getting into their clubs to sub classes. I don’t get to sub too many classes because my business, MirZuk Fitness, is so busy that I don’t get a lot of free time to add in more. Especially not at the last minute, which is when a lot of the sub opportunities are. Hello!! So, I’m not running up the Equinox ladder as fast as I want because my business is successful? Duh!! How silly of me to even go there.

But even if this weren’t the case, what difference does it make how many classes someone else has or who likes who? These are not worth spending any amount of energy on, no matter where you are on what ladder. Simply focus on the goal, like the terminator. You think if you said “Hey Terminator! You can’t shoot for shit! You look terrible, put your skin back on!” that would stop her or him? I don’t think so. You would maybe get a glance, and then the terminator would get right back on track- aiming for the goal.

So when your Ego pops up (let’s demote the Ego right now to ego…) find your Inner Terminator and shoot that ego dead! Even if ‘they’ don’t like you, your ego will do you no good. Find your way to where you want to go. If you really want it, you’ll find your way.

Go For It!!!!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski