One of my partners in wellness, Life Coach Ivy Slater Rachlin, and I held one of our fabulous Healthy Hangout Events today. We always begin with a Yoga/Pilates mixed class and then lead into our topic which Ivy leads a discussion on. These are women’s events that focus on topics that affect women’s lives. But come on, men, I’m sure they affect you too. And this is the perfect place to share the ideas from today with you.

Today’s topic was Spring Cleaning for your MIND! What the heck does that mean? Well, Ivy is a fantastic Life Coach and she came up with several apt analogies connecting what’s in your closet to what’s in your head. Like the cool shoes you never wear. Or that nice dressy shirt you forgot about.  How about those worn out sweats that you wear every single day? Say the shoes represent something that you feel like you ‘should’ do but don’t get around to much. Wellll, maybe you don’t really need or want those shoes in your life. Maybe you don’t need to push so hard to have that aspect in your life. Give the shoes to someone who really wants them. Make the space in your life to add in something that is of more value to you.

How about the dressy shirt you love but forgot about? Could that be an analogy for friendships that got pushed to the wayside to make room for more work? Maybe it’s something different for you. Point is- take a look at what is important to you that you haven’t been paying attention to.

And the sweats. Ah yes, the sweats. Comfy and full of holes, the only thing we see. These are our habits. Would it serve us to take a look at those habits and make conscious choices about what we really want to focus on in our lives? The sweats are getting up, drinking coffee, returning emails, going to work. One day switch out the sweats for some dressy slacks and head to a museum you’ve been curious about. Or go have breakfast with a friend. Or go for a walk somewhere you’ve never been before. You see my point? It’s up to you.

The moral of this post is to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE!! Clean out the junk that isn’t serving you. When you do that on the outside (clean out your home of old stuff) you feel better on the inside. Take it a step further. This week add in something that you love but have been ignoring. Become aware of your habits and switch it up!

Have Fun!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski