Today I am motivated to write to you about MOTIVATION!!!

A client recently informed me that she had identified herself as the main

obstacle in getting what she wants (a fantastic first step!), but said she

was stumped as to how to get herself to do anything about it? Basically, she

asked me how to get motivated.


Well, here’s the big secret to super duper motivation. Are you ready?

Here it is: THERE IS NO SECRET!!! If you’re waiting for some outside

factor to come along and motivate you to move your ass, you’re going to be

waiting a LONNNNNNGGGG TIME! Easier said than done, but you really

just have to move your own ass if you want to see changes happen. And that’s

why you see so many people fail at their goals- fitness related or otherwise.

They are waiting for some outside factor to come along and MAKE them do



It doesn’t work that way. I will tell you what DOES kick up the motivation

factor. Momentum. But you’ve got to make some of that first. So how do you

get started?


Step 1:  My client has the first step down. Acknowledging yourself as your

obstacle gives you the power to change. Blaming your failures on outside

influences, whether circumstances or people, keeps your power away from you.


Step 2: Believe you can make the change.


Step 3: DECIDE to make the change!!!!


Step 4: TAKE ACTION!!!


The motivation factor kicks in after step 4. Once you take action, you’ve

started the ball rolling and thus have created momentum. Seeing yourself

make changes is SUPER motivating and will help make the process easier.

The hardest part is getting started. It all comes down to you.

What are YOU going to do about it?


Your Fitness Coach,