It’s February 11th and I’ve lost 10 pounds since I set out on my weight loss journey on January 1st!

I have 20 pounds left to go. I plotted out little rewards for myself at every 10 pound mark. My reward

for reaching this first 10 pound mark is a pair of ‘sexy’ shoes. Yay for rewards!! After 20 pounds I get

a new outfit, and when I hit 30 I get a massage. I may switch those around, as what’s the point of

getting a new outfit if I still have 10 pounds to go? Ok, so I didn’t think that one through.


How is it that I’m sticking to the plan? Well, I’m eating healthy nutritious foods everyday without

any extra fillers, and I’m working out almost every day. In rereading some of my entries from the

first 30 days, I make it sound like the food part was challenging for me, but the workout part was

easy. Let me make myself clear: the food part WAS/IS challenging, but the workout part is no walk

in the park, either!


For example, this morning when I got up I decided to work out. I was feeling a bit groggy, but I

figured some exercise would wake me up. Well, usually it does. But not always. Not today. I went

to the floor for a reverse plank and the next thing on the list was skaters (jumping side to side). I

couldn’t get off the floor. My mother came over and peeled me off the floor. I did the skaters, but I’ve

gotta say, it felt like sleep skating. My jump squats were like sleep jump squats. So on, so forth. BUT

despite this weird hangover like feeling (all I drink is water, tea, coffee and sometimes juice), I

managed to get through the workout! Why? Because I have created the habit. I am so used to

exercising that it’s weird not to. Even if I’m exercising while in a coma. It’s NOT easy, but it IS a

habit I’ve created. The whole time today I was thinking to myself “How the hell am I doing this?!”

And somehow kept going. Kept thinking “any minute now I’m going to stop”. But I didn’t.


Usually I am not in a coma, and if I am, some movement brings me out of it. But even if I don’t come

out of it, the workout gets done. So, ask yourself- are you in a coma? Probably not. You just don’t feel

like working out. My advice to you is get up and do it anyway. You will feel better!! The coma workout

is an extreme example, and most days are not like that, so get up and MOVE IT!!


So my message is- it wasn’t/isn’t easy. I just do it anyway. You can, too!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski