It is a GORGEOUS day out! I took my doggie friend, Claire, and we went to Central Park for about 3 hours. I managed to find her a swimming hole with a waterfall, and got us a little lost at one point (always fun)- which is hard to do because I know Central Park backwards and forwards- for the most part.  It was a beautiful way to spend part of my day.

I was in desperate need of getting out. I often find myself overwhelmed with tasks. I think they’re all important and don’t know where to start, and often get behind. I made an effort to carve out today as my DAY OFF (they are rare and I haven’t taken one in 2 weeks), and as soon as the day started I was already worried about not being able to cram everything I can’t fit into working days into my day off. Is that a day off? I ask you! I thought to myself “Give me a break!”, literally, and I took the dog and off we went.

My mind was still wandering, thinking to myself “This day is gorgeous! Why aren’t I enjoying it more?” Well, I pulled out my trusty ipod to see what messages the universe would send me if I put it on shuffle… and voila! The first thing that came up was a meditation kit from the Morelli’s. If you don’t know who they are, they have a free weekly radio show called Everything is Energy and you can download it free on iTunes. This particular little gem I have is a free energy toolkit you receive when you sign up for their newsletter.

I’ve listened to it before, but usually when I am running between appointments. This time I made an effort to sit down and focus. The first meditation is how to let go of something that’s not serving you. Well, for me, being overwhelmed was not serving me. So I focused on the meditation, and I was able to let most of that overwhelmed feeling go. The tasks will still be there, it is how I see them that is changing. They don’t have to be overwhelming or scary. They just are what they are, and can be fun to accomplish if I can approach them that way. So with that one down, I moved on to the next.

The next one brought me into the present moment. I know that sounds so simple, but it was such a HUGE thing! Mostly because I hadn’t realized I wasn’t in it. That’s what had been missing! Always worrying, thinking about what has to get done, blah blah blah. I was actually able, with the help of this tool, to bring my mind into the present moment. And it was kind of mind blowing. I started to cry, and I just let it happen. It felt good. I felt alive, not like I was stagnant, or searching for what comes next. I was just alive, right there, crying like a fool in Central Park with my dog.

I can’t tell you how to come to the present moment. I can tell you that it changes your entire perspective on life. That you might feel like a human being instead of a human doing. I can tell you that this is a BIG DEAL!

I can tell you that what helped me was to slow down my breathing, close my eyes and just be for a few moments, and listen to this meditation. There’s also a little bit of sadness that these moments are so few and far between. I will make an effort to shift my schedule so that I always have one complete day off per week, one day of Being instead of Doing. What is the shift for you? Maybe you have five days off per week and you don’t know what to do with them?

Slow down, breathe, close your eyes and let your mind settle down. If you like you can get the Energy Toolkit at

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Happy Gorgeous Day!!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski