It’s funny, with my first pregnancy I wrote NONstop about what I went through and how I finally got pregnant. I wanted the information to be a useful and inspirational source of encouragement and ideas for women who were trying to move their lives forward – whether that meant getting pregnant, or really ANYthing in life.

And this pregnancy, I have written NOTHING on the topic. I can tell you- the facts remain the same. According to the doctor, I still “can’t get pregnant”. (In otherMir & Shawn & Belly- Rosemary Beach, FL words, when you hear from someone else that you ‘can’t’ do something, do not necessarily believe it.)

It’s true- the first time around I did one IUI cycle and three IVF cycles before I got pregnant. Doc said it wasn’t going to happen and I was wasting my time. I stuck to it, and I now have a healthy happy 15 month old son. If you’d like to read that journey, I will start you off at the beginning with:  It is a super wild up and down ride that lead me ALL over the place. But the outcome is- like I said- my amazing 15 month old son.

And then one day, when Shawn was about 8 months old, I found myself huffing and puffing like my heart was going to pop out of my chest when I brought him upstairs. At first I thought “what’s wrong with…” and then before the thought could complete my brain went “DING DING DING! I know what this is!” And then my conscience said “But that’s impossible! Doc said you couldn’t get pregnant and you know what you went through to have Shawn.” And, you know what? Sometimes your conscious voice is not all that helpful. Fact was, impossible or not, believe it or not, I was standing there, pregnant again. And I knew it. So I started to giggle.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t even believe myself at first. The conscious voice was strong. So I didn’t take a prego test. I didn’t mention anything to my husband. But he started to comment on how I was huffing and puffing and giggling all the time. And then I mentioned that I was late on my cycle. He just sort of looked dumbfounded. Still no prego test though. Hey, I could’ve just been late!

But then we were scheduled to have some friends over for Labor Day and I knew there would be drinking involved. So I took the test based on the alcohol factor. Sure enough- it said POSITIVE. I stared at it. I told Ron. He stared at me. We stared at each other. Haha. Why was I SO surprised?

I’ll tell you why. Because that conscious voice that buys into other people’s beliefs (Doc telling me I couldn’t get pregnant), and that tells you that you just CAN’T do what you deem to be impossible is STRONG! My advice is DON’T LISTEN TO THAT CRAP! It’s irresponsible, for one thing. For another- who decides your reality but YOU!? Don’t let others or even yourself hold you back from your dreams.

Ok, tangent passed. Friends came over, I did not drink. I got really sick for 3 months and ate a lot of white bread (normally can’t even look at that stuff). Kept waiting for doc to tell me something was wrong or for a test to come back with some terrible result, or for SOMEthing crazy and bad to happen. And now I am past the 7 month mark and so far so good! I am HUGE!! And I still can’t breathe on the stairs.

I am so grateful to have been able to do this again! I really believed Shawn was a one shot deal, and if you read the previous posts, you will see why.

My hopes in writing this are

1- that I have helped at least one woman somewhere to follow through and have a child despite setbacks and unforeseeable troubles.


2- that I have helped you see how this relates to life in general. If you want something- GO for it!! This life thing is a one shot deal as far as we know. Don’t let your limiting beliefs or those of others hold you back. Take action steps forward despite the ‘voices’. They will eventually shuddup 😉

I honestly feel that after having Shawn and now being pregnant again- that if I can do THIS, I can do ANYTHING! Stick around and see what happens 🙂

Much Love & Success to YOU!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski