One of my favorite people and FitVenture partner, Danielle Bouloy, is visiting NYC and today was our day to hang out together. I started off the day thinking “oh, but I have so much work to do, maybe we should just go to lunch so I can get home and get back to this stuff” and “how am I going to be prepared for work all day tomorrow”, and just stuff like that in general.

I decided to ignore me and just give myself to the day. It rarely happens and the truth is that I am a hypocrite. I preach to people ALL the time “You know, you really should take a day off. A day where you don’t look at the computer and you don’t do any work and you just do what you want when you want.” Yes, this is what I tell other people to do. And I even go so far as to tell them this should happen at least once a week. And then I do it maybe 3 or 4 times per year. Hypocrite!

Today, I am proud to say, I practiced what I preach. I took what I like to call a sacred day. No work and all play= sacred day!

We met up with Danielle and her daughter at around 1pm, after a leisurely morning, in front of the Plaza. We started our journey together at the southeast corner of Central Park. I am a terrific guide for Central Park, if I do say so myself, because of the ParkFit classes and just all the time I  spend in there in the summer. So I followed their lead but guided them towards the places they wanted to see. Past Wollman’s Rink, the Visitor Center, Sheep’s Meadow, the small boat pond, the Alice statue, past the Boathouse, through the ramble, past Bethesda fountain, into Strawberry Fields and then up along the west side towards the Natural History Museum. We wandered around the Museum for a few hours and then found ourselves at a Thai restaurant on 72nd street for dinner. We really just did what we wanted as the ideas came to us. And it was great!!

Even though my work did not get done, I am less stressed about it and feel like I have more space. Taking a day off once a week is a very healthy habit and I’m planning on continuing to preach this. I am also planning to implement it more often. Call me out if you see me cheating.

Enjoy your sacred day of play!

Your Wellness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski