Fit Venture was a terrific success! I’m sore and tired and can’t wait to come back for more. Thank you very much for all the planning, scouting and gorgeous settings each and every day and kicking our butts each and every day. Well done!

–Rory Kotin

Fit Venture 2008 at the Florida Treasure Coast was a new experience for me. I feel rejuvenated after three days of yoga, biking, dancing, kayaking, pilates and stretching. Thank you Miranda and Danielle for guiding us through a well-planned fun-filled weekend. It was a great experience!

–Bindu Nambiar

Had a wonderful time–got exercised both physically and emotionally. Where are we going next?

–Vasantha Kandiah

Thank you for my adventure at Fit Venture in Acadia National Park!! Your positive energy, consistent view on fitness, dedication to enhancing the lives of those of us who lost our way and forgot the importance of fitness–are inspirational! My favorite part of the trip was the sunrise mountaintop workout a la Miranda! I will take away from this adventure: a commitment to eating healthier, more choices of bike rides over channel surfing, role models in you and Danielle, more stretching, workouts and dives into nature–and friendships with amazing people who have touched my life.

–Bridget Meenaghan

I loved the Bar Harbor Fit Venture! My favorite parts were the rock climbing and biking. So beautiful and physically challenging. An unbeatable combination. I will encourage my friends and loved ones to go. This was a marvelous adventure.

–Jennifer Zukowski

Thank you for a great time! Honestly my favorite part was probably the classes but it’s so much better to do them in a place I’ve never visited before! I can now say I have kayaked the Shenandoah River and hiked the National Park. Lots of fun, very personal attention and very challenging!!

–Lori A. Bores

Absolutely fabulous weekend. Everybody should do this sometime. Love yourself

–Marie Bouloy

Fit Ventures get better and better! Kayaking and snorkeling in the pool were my favorite activities! The classes pushed me farther than I had ever gone before, and my muscles ache from being awakened! Many thanks to all of your hard work in putting together such a fun-filled and jam-packed weekend! See you next time

–Rory Kotin

The bootcamp definitely kicked our butts, but what a great day! Thanks for following your calling and making this available. May God continue to bless you!

–Kelli and Allen Moore

Thank you guys for keeping us motivated. The weekend, weather, people and events were great! I can’t wait for the next Fit Venture for you guys to push me into good health and good spirits!

–Diana Helle

Thank you so much for the invigorating nature/power walk. That park was awesome and I could not think of a better way to spend a beautiful day outside! I hope to be able to join more activities next time, when I’m not “expecting”.

–Julie Mancil

My very first Fit Venture was amazing!! I am so glad I received the e-mail the day and time it arrived, other wise I would not have made this trip. You ladies are amazing. You motivate your guests to push themselves in order to maintain a healthy vacation. But you make it seem like fun more so then work!!! I never did any of the things you introduced for this trip. I loved rock climbing, and I definitely will be making more trips just for that!! It was my favorite part of the trip. I now also love hiking and kayaking. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend of fun and fitness.

–Tracey Curtis

Thanks for wearing me out!! Good times, lots of encouragement and easy schedule.

–Frank Curtis

Thanks so much for a wonderful Fit Venture! You are inspiring! I can’t wait until the Acadia Fit Venture. I will be in better shape by then. My muscles are sore, and it’s hard to make my muscles sore!

–Jennifer Zukowski

Though I can hardly lift the pen to write this, I must say that this was the most taxing and enjoyable weekends I’ve had in a long, long time. In fact , at this moment I can’t remember anything quite like it. I would recommend the experience highly to everyone I know.

–Walter Zukowski

Fantastic weekend. Exemplary planning and execution. Truly an unforgettable experience.

–Ron Mathewson