When my friend Miranda came to me with the idea to start a company that travels to some of the world’s most amazing environments in order to utilize our bodies in the way they were intended to be used, by exploring the world around us, I exclaimed, “Yeah, that would be incredible!  You should do that!”  I had no idea that by taking the initiative to help to push the plan into action, that I would end up partnering with Miranda and catapult myself into some of the greatest adventures of my life.

As we have ventured out to rock climb Otter Cliffs overlooking Maine’s seashore, kayak the mysterious Shenandoah River at day break as thick fog veils every bend, and raft down the coursing New River of West Virginia with an ever-fixed smile upon our faces, I have come to realize exactly what these FitVentures mean to me.  Personally, I have met some extraordinary new friends who I will keep for a lifetime, strengthened my body (and subsequently my spirit) immeasurably as I pushed far beyond what I thought I was capable of, ignited an insatiable sense of adventure and a daring spirit to do new things, and witnessed with my own eyes the hidden beauty of a world that fascinates and enchants me.

Aside from the heightened living each FitVenture offers, I have also experienced a transformation that has seeped into my daily life at home.  Over the years I have become far more apt to face a fear and do something solely because I am afraid to.  I am living a more intentional life where I can make the decision on a case by case basis as to whether these couple of store bought cookies are worth it, or if I should hold out for the delectable slice of cheesecake on my special night out.  I know how to listen to my body and when to take it out for a walk, run or fit in an extra class because it is crying out to be used.  I also often stop to notice the tiniest of moments in my day that bring a smile to my heart and remind me that life is ultimately good.

These are only a few of the countless reasons I am so invested in FitVentures, and I can honestly urge you to Seize the Adventure.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience something new in your life.

Forever changed by FitVentures,
Danielle Bouloy
Co-Founder and FitVenture Guide

Miranda’s Bio & Philosophy

MirandaMiranda was first introduced to Pilates in 1990 at the New World School of the Arts in Miami. Miranda has been a personal trainer in New York City since 2000. She has worked with gyms such as Bally Total Fitness, The Fitness Equation, New York Sports Club and Synergy. She has been teaching Group Fitness since 1997 in the areas of HiLow, Sculpt, Step and currently enjoys teaching Pilates and Yoga. Previous to her exercise experience she had 17 years of dance training and taught dance for 5 years in the areas of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Acrobatics. Her mission is to affect as many people in a positive way as possible and to help them enjoy the life they are living!!!

Danielle’s Bio and Philosophy

Danielle’s outlook on life is what makes her truly unique. She approaches each day searching for positive ways to affect the people and circumstances around her, longing to communicate creatively in order to open the minds and hearts of others. Because of her perspective on life, she is somewhat of a chameleon, constantly adapting to new opportunities and experiences. These qualities, along with her desire to attempt new things and grow in all areas have opened doors to dabble in many of life’s adventures leading her down numerous and varied paths. Her adventurous spirit, positive outlook, attention to detail in planning, inner compass and ability to face her fears with an intense will to overcome make her a perfect companion on any trip. All of these characteristics along with her amazing dynamic with Miranda are what led her to become Miranda’s partner in the quest to bring FitVentures to fruition. Along with an adaptability that is conducive to adventure travel, Danielle enjoys using her body in fun and interesting ways. For the past six years, Danielle has been instructing various levels and ages of dance, ranging from 5 – 65. These classes consist mainly of hip hop, contemporary dance and a self developed dance fitness class. She is a dancer who is aware of how the body inherently moves, an actress and an all around performer. So watch out, because you never know when she may break into song.


10 years of dance training – Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Contemporary
B.A. in Theatre from Florida State University

Fitness Goals

To encourage and inspire others to release their inhibitions and use their bodies in a way that stretches their own boundaries, creates growth that can be built upon and encourages self expression. And have fun doing it;)