If I had a dime for every time I heard someone ask me “How can I get motivated?”…

There’s so much pressure to get motivated. Have you ever put that pressure on yourself? “I have to get motivated! I have to get motivated! WHY can’t I get motivated?! What’s WRONG with me?!?”



It’s not just you! There is absolutely NO THING wrong with you for not being motivated. I don’t know why it’s so highly valued, when it doesn’t work. For anyone. Anywhere. Ever.

I mean, if you are one of the few who can manage to get yourself all up into that high level of motivation, THEN you put pressure on yourself to stay there. These expectations are a dead end road and will always lead you to feel like a failure.

So what to do then? Here is my suggestion:


Dump the whole idea of motivation. It is unsustainable. Instead focus on your COMMITMENT

Your commitment to your goal can run very deep, depending on the effort you put into really digging into it. The further you dig, the more powerful it’ll be and the more it’ll carry you through the tough times til you reach your goal.

You can discover your level of commitment by asking yourself WHY. Why do you want what you want? The stronger your reason, the more likely you will stick to the goal.

It really is that simple.

One more thing about motivation. I’ve got nothing against it. When you’ve got it, it’s like riding a wave. So enjoy that for sure!

But once the wave passes, or even if you never even see the wave, keep this in mind:

When you don’t feel like it, and you push through and take action on your goals anyway, that’s where the biggest leaps happen in progress. It’s a tangible shift, and the feeling of empowerment is amazing. Do the thing, despite your odds, and you’ll get yourself there faster and with less effort in the future.

Most people do not tap into this because they are so hung up on where their motivation went. Don’t get delusional about successful people. They do not stay motivated either. Any successful person that you have ever seen has pushed through, despite their odds, and with tremendous effort, has come out on the other side.

Now you’re all set with your commitment. Time to GO FOR IT!

All my Best,


P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of motivation vs commitment