Some of us feel like working out. Some of us don’t. Some of us fall somewhere between the two extremes, depending on the day.

Where do you fit in?

There are those unusual people who ALWAYS feel like working out no matter what! But most of us have those day where we just don’t feel like it.

We come up with all kinds of excuses, and create life situations to convince ourselves that our excuses are the truth. Like

1- “I don’t have time”,  2- “I can’t afford it”, 3- “I have a child at home”, 4- “I’m too tired”, and the list goes on and on.

But before I continue, I’ll address the above excuses:

1- You make time for what is important to you

2- Can’t afford what exactly? It doesn’t cost anything to do lunges

3- So?

4- You can still get up and do a few squats, and you will also boost your energy.


Why can’t we just admit “I don’t feel like it”?!


So then, if we don’t feel like it, why is there a little voice in our heads telling us that we need to work out? We try to get that little voice to shut up with excuses that get paired up with busy-ness, tv, alcohol, food, sleep, whatever. But that voice always comes through “You know, you really need to work out”.

Why? Well, your Health is your number 1 asset and if you lose that you have nothing. However, for reasons that would require a totally different post, this is for some reason NOT a good motivator for most of us. Health as a motivator seems to work great for those who have either already lost their health, or have had a serious death scare. So, let’s not get to that point before we do something about it.

What does work as a motivator is that you KNOW you will get an immediate boost of energy! Energy is precious to all of us, because we are aware of it every moment of our lives, and we feel when we are lacking it.

Here’s something to remember: In all my years as a trainer, MOST people drag their butts into the gym and some even beg me to let them take me out for coffee instead. After I say NO, we start going with their workout and there is a noticeable change in their energy as we move through our time together. At the end of the session, EVERYONE has ALWAYS left with more energy and a smile on their face. That’s 100%, folks. Pretty good odds that if you work out, you are going to have a perceptible change in energy for the better.

Let me just say that again. In my 17, almost 18 years in the fitness biz as of this date, EVERY SINGLE PERSON has left their session with me with more energy. That’s an immediate benefit.


Ok, so now you’re motivated, but you still don’t feel like it. How can you get yourself to actually DO something?!

I will spell it out for you:

1- What do you think ‘working out’ is? It doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. It could be going for a brisk walk, dancing in your living room, running after your toddler, etc. Get creative and go move. 

2- If you only have 10 minutes and don’t know what to do, and you don’t feel like it- try my I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT Workout Video. (I totally didn’t feel like it when I shot this, but figured so many people can relate to that feeling, so I pushed through and got it done. I was ill and in my first trimester of pregnancy. And tired. But I was determined!) Then STAND UP in front of the computer/tv/ipad and PRESS PLAY (i don’t care what you’re wearing). Generally you will move to the video instead of standing there staring at it like a dummy. DO NOT sit down!

3- Put your money where your mouth is. Just go to a gym and hire a personal trainer. Having your money on the table will get you to those sessions and will motivate you to get the most out of them

Those are 3 simple ideas to get you started. Now, whether you feel like it or not, GO! Have fun 🙂


Your Fitness Coach,


P.S. Share what tricks you use to get yourself to move in the comments below.