Eat Right / Exercise. Really? Is it that simple??? Hmmm…

Here’s a quick quote from Benjamin Franklin to set the stage:


“Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things” 


Too true!


The truth is, you have two choices:


1- You can persist, as Ben suggests, and stick with your workouts and your nutrition plan and not only kick your goals out of the ballpark, but also be able to MAINTAIN them…




2- You can go strong for a week or two and then get tired of it, or discouraged, and give up. And by that you accomplish nothing. Except to feel badly about yourself.


Clearly, choice 1 seems like the better option, but it really isn’t as cut and dry as all that. Before turning your new leaf (right now!) you must prepare yourself for your blocks, your obstacles and all those times that you just aren’t going to feel like it.  Because, although you are gung ho and super determined right this very second, those ‘other’ times will happen. It’s human nature. So you want to be prepared for your own self sabotage. 

Answer these 3 questions on a sheet of paper and keep it handy so you can look at it when you start to fall off the wagon:


1- When you feel yourself start to get discouraged, what will you do to get yourself to move through that feeling?

2- When you don’t ‘feel’ like it, how will you get yourself to follow through anyway?

3- If you do fall off for whatever reason, how will you get back up and get moving again?


If you stick with your exercise program and nutrition plan, you will inevitably see results! If you keep pushing at that wall, it has no choice but to come down. And that is such an empowering feeling, I can’t even describe it.  You have to go through the journey and feel it yourself in order to know what I’m talking about. But I will say that when you succeed with your fitness program, that success spills out into every other part of your life as well. Only one way to see if I’m telling the truth…


If you need help figuring out what nutrition and exercise plan is best for you, let’s set up a time to chat. Email with “Strategy Session” in the subject line. If you’re one of the first 20 people, then I will find the time to chat with you in September so that you can kick off the fall with a brand new strategy! It’s the perfect time to start anew. It’s totally free- I will give you as much as I can in that one hour to set you on your path.

The sooner you take the first step and contact me, the sooner you will be on your way!


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski