When is the last time you said “I can’t because…” ? Did you say it today? Yesterday? Are these words you use often? Or hardly ever?

These words are powerful. They have power because you believe them. Everything in your life is set up the way that it is because you thought of it. And then you took action.

You have your job because you thought of having it, and then you took action to get it. You have your family, or the lack of one, because of your thoughts and actions, or lack of. Your body is the way it is because of your thoughts and actions. You’ve created your life the way it is.  ID-100213915

Here are 2 possible reactions you could be having right now:

1- Are you thinking to yourself “Oh No I did NOT create this hot mess! Who do you think you are saying I made things this way? This happened to me! I don’t want this!”  I didn’t say you wanted it. I said it is the way it is because of your thoughts and actions. And, this is actually GOOD news! I’ll tell you why in just a sec.

2- Or you could be thinking “YES! I created this magical life! I am so pleased with where I am and am excited to move forward and continue to watch it all unfold!” which is an awesome mindset to hang out in! 

Whether or not you believe it, it is the truth that you created your life. I’m not saying you can control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you process and behave.

It’s actually GREAT NEWS that you’ve created your life as you know it to be today! This means that if you made it this way and you don’t like it, you can change things up! The more things in your life that you can take responsibility for, the more power you have to change what you don’t like! It all begins with your thoughts. What are you going to choose to think next?

Say you want to change your body. You think to yourself “I can’t get myself to eat healthy. There’s just so much junk food around, I can’t resist it.” You’re absolutely right. You can’t. But not for the reason that you think. You can’t because you say you can’t. If you make up your mind to avoid junk food, stay the course, and lose a few pounds then you most absolutely CAN!

The first step is to believe that you can do it. The second step will reveal itself as soon as you allow for the possibility that you CAN do it! It might show up as an idea on how to proceed, or a text message from a friend who wants to buddy up to be accountable for healthy eating, or a book you come across, or an opportunity to take part in a healthy eating program. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities. They are ALWAYS there, we just don’t always see them.


When you are used to arguing for your limitations (which is what we call it when you say why you can’t do something even though you want it done, and it sounds like you’re arguing with everyone else, but you’re really just arguing with yourself, and everyone knows it, except you pretend not to- like a denial thing), it is hard to stop. I still catch myself doing it sometimes. The main thing to remember is that you ALWAYS have a choice.

That’s right I said ALWAYS! They might be crappy options, but the options are there. Pay taxes or go to jail- that’s a choice. Even though your choice seems obvious, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a choice. By acknowledging your choices you give yourself power. You HAD a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice! Accepting that puts you in the seat of power.

So take back your power, make strong choices, and remember that you CAN do it! If you choose not to do it, then acknowledge that. Don’t pretend that it’s someone or something else’s fault that you’re not where you want to be. And don’t blame yourself either. Fault and blame make you feel guilty, and that is utterly useless to everyone everywhere, especially you. Use the word ‘responsibility’. You are responsible for your life. So think happy thoughts and move forward with strong actions from this point forward.



Your Fitness Coach,