Here is the 2nd video in a series of 3 to help you look how you want to look and feel how you want to feel!

Many of us aren’t happy with the way we look and feel, yet we think it’s just “too hard” to make a change. We know we can do it.  But it just seems daunting and life is so distracting, and like it or not- we opt for comfort vs happiness.

Seems like it’s a thing.

This video addresses why it’s NOT “too hard”, and why I can get away with even saying that. Who am I to know whether or not it’s going to be too difficult for you? I’ll address that…

And I knock out a few VERY popular myths around exercise, losing weight, and just taking the leap to take better care of yourself. I’m curious to find out if you are a believer in any of these myths. Some of these are controversial. I’m always up for a good discussion! Leave your comments below.