I’m sharing the story of how the heck I got pregnant. It took a lot of time

and a lot of effort, but I’m laying it all out for you. My hope is that my story will help

people deal more easily with life’s ups & downs, whether it’s fertility challenges or

something else. If you’ve missed some of the story, you can go here to catch up.




We’re at the point now where I’ve been through it, and I just got dumped.

Without partner, why bother? At 38 years old, what were the chances

I was going to find someone new to start a family with? Seemed like pretty

slim odds. Still, I got to the point where I decided (again) that if I really wanted

this to happen that I could do it on my own. Not ideal, but possible. Always look

at all the options.


I started to plan out how I would afford an IVF cycle on my own. I would have to move

out of my apt again and rent it out, and I would need to work more hours (and then some).

Looked like even with all that extra effort I would still go into massive debt.

So that’s where I was when Ron did something interesting. He was on a business trip in Virginia

and took some time to go see my Dad in the hospital. It was an interesting thing for someone who has

just broken up with you to do. I tried not to read into it too much, but it did intrigue me. And

I was honestly grateful because it made my Father very happy.


And then not long after that, beginning of November, he took me to dinner and mentioned that he wanted to get

back together. I was completely shocked! I don’t know why it took me so much by surprise. I

was convinced we were done. And what shocked me even more was that I was considering it!

He invited me to have Thanksgiving with his family and I accepted. I was still upset with him,

but I had missed his family and enjoyed hanging out with

them for the holiday.


I tried to quiet my mind chatter and listen for what I was feeling. There were definitely strong

feelings pointing me in the direction of restarting our relationship. I told him I needed 30 days to think

about it (me and my 30 days!). After the 30 days, we certainly had some work to do, but it was clear that

we wanted to be together. So before New Years Eve of 2010, the decision had been made and we were ready

to move forward together into 2011. Yay!!!! Life is so strange with it’s twists and turns.


We decided it was time to get serious about IVF. I was very grateful to have him on board, and I started to

do the research. Called the insurance company to find out what was what and was shocked to find out

that IVF is covered! It never occurred to me that a procedure like this would be covered by insurance! And

generally, I don’t think it is. My insurance through my job is AMAZING and I had no freaking idea. None

at all. I had just sort of randomly signed up for it because it seemed better than what I’d had independently.

Everything was lining up just right. So I found a reproductive dr who took my insurance and made the initial



The initial appointment happened on Friday, March 18 2011. The whole thing depended on my cycle, so the

next step had to wait on my body. Once that happened, everything started to roll forward.


I was so thrilled that everything was working out! I was with the person I wanted to be with, my insurance

was taking care of me, and I had finally taken the first step down this intimidating and super scary path. Seemed

like things were rolling right along and I just knew it would work. Didn’t even occur to me that it might not.


And so I’ll begin the next segment of the story with all the IVF fun. If you’re considering it, I will tell you that

you really just have to take it one step at a time and not think about the whole picture. The first step is finding

out what your insurance will cover and then figuring out who you want to go to. All of that can happen in one

simple phone call.


Have a Beautiful Day!!


Your Fitness Coach,

Miranda Zukowski